PlayLearnParent Press:

Huffington Post on September 9, 2011.  The Role of Parents in Education. 

Guest Blogger for Launch Education on July 19, 2011  The Crucial Role of Parents in Education.

“This week’s blog is a real treat. Alexis Lauricella – founder of and Postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University – shares her insights and research on parent involvement in education. Specifically, she reviews the Family Engagement in Education Act (2011) and suggests ways in which parents can improve their students’ academic performance.” Click here for full article.

Research Press:

Elmo Study Georgetown University Children’s Digital Media Center:

Georgetown University: Toddlers Learn Early Math Skills from Elmo Study finds toddlers learn more from Elmo by Wendy Golman Getzler July 21, 2011

WUSA9: New Study Says Toddlers Learn Early Math Skills from Elmo Submitted by Simon Landau July 20, 2011

CloudKid:  The Importance of Character

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