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Amazing Moms

I remember one mother’s day when I asked my  mom why she got a Mother’s day and I never got a Kid’s day?  She explained, “everyday is kid’s day.”  It’s true.  Everyday is kid’s day. Our moms deserve more than a lovely breakfast in bed or a huge bouquet of flowers… the problem is what our moms are owed cannot be bought, delivered, or made.  There is no way to give back and appreciate our moms the way they should be appreciated.   But every year for one day, we try to in some way say “Thank you mom.  You are the best. And I couldn’t have done any of it without you!”

Thank you mom.  Thank you moms for giving birth to us.  We know that probably wasn’t your favorite moment, but we should start there.  Thank you moms for all of the free-labor jobs you have taken on for us:  being our taxi driver, teacher, personal assistant, public relations person, coach, monster catcher, fashion designer, hair stylist, cheerleader, counselor, sounding board, emotional rock, alarm clock, personal chief, personal ATM, motivator…. the list goes on.  Thank you for your patience, your hugs, and your reminders that everything will be OK.  Thank you for waking us up for school, teaching us to love learning, and to always try our hardest and give our best.   Thank you for listening: when we were afraid  about monsters under the bed,when we were anxious  about starting kindergarten, when that mean girl teased us,  when we first got our hearts broken, when we were excited about getting into college, when we were panicked  about not finding a job, when all of life’s challenges feel like they are built up and about to crash.  Thank you for ALWAYS loving us even when we were at our toughest, most miserable stages.  Thank you mom.

You are the best.  Moms you are the best when we needed a hug, or a cuddle, or just a shoulder to cry on.  Moms you are the best when we just want someone to talk to.  Moms you are the best because you always know just what to say, and you always do the right thing, even when we tell you you are always doing it wrong.  Moms you are the best because you have patience, love, and giving unlike anyone else we have ever met.  Moms you are the best because you are able to give your everything for someone else. Moms, you are the best.

I couldn’t have done it without you.  Moms, we couldn’t have done it without you.  We wouldn’t have been dressed for school; our hair would have been all crazy and we would have gotten teased. We wouldn’t have arrived at soccer practice on time.  We wouldn’t have gotten our homework done. We wouldn’t have learned to be nice and kind and treat others the way we wanted to be treated.  We wouldn’t have applied for college.  We wouldn’t have learned to drive a car.  We wouldn’t have learned to be strong and powerful adults.  We wouldn’t have learned that we could do it all.  We wouldn’t have tried things that seemed too hard.  We wouldn’t have learned to love and give back without you.  Moms, we couldn’t have done any of it without you.

As my mother said, “everyday is kid’s day.”  Our moms get one day a year despite the fact they should be recognized, appreciated, and loved every moment of every day.  So on your one official day, moms, please remember that you are an amazing mother.  We thank  you.  You are the best! And we couldn’t have done any of it without you! WE LOVE YOU!

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