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Great Dad, Great Story

I absolutely love overhearing parents positively interacting with their children.  I have written a few times about the poor interaction or complete lack of interaction that I often see between parents and children on the El, but today I have a very positive interaction story.

I was sitting on the el this morning at about 8:30am reading my book when I heard a little boy say, “I want a hot dog” to his father.  Here is how the interaction continued:

Dad: It’s a little too early for a hot dog.
Kid: I want a hot dog.
Dad:  Sorry, it’s not time for a hot dog.
Kid: I want a hot dog.
Dad: Well, I’m sure people on the el would like some ice water.
Kid: I want some ice water.
Dad: (laughing) ahh, thought so.
Kid: Dad, I want a hot dog.
Dad: You just ate a big bowl of oatmeal, how could you possibly be hungry?
Kid: I want a hot dog.
Dad: You just ate
Kid: I not ate
Dad: You just ate a big bowl of oatmeal
Kid: I not ate (8), I’m two!
Dad: (laughing) yes you are right, you are two.
Kid: I’m not two
Dad: Oh boy, I’m not arguing this with you.

This was probably a five minute kid version of Who’s on Second, but it was hilarious and the entire time the dad was patient and enjoying his time with his 2 year old son.  Never once was the little boy wining or the father responding impatiently or shortly, just a simple, calm conversation between parent and child. Clearly this interaction wasn’t particularly educational or full of any kind of complicated phrases (although the word “ate” was complicated for the 2 year old to understand).  But this interaction was a wonderful, and adorable, example of the simple ways parents can interact with their children.  Both parent and child enjoyed the interaction and it made the train ride faster for everyone else.

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