Great Dad, Great Story

I absolutely love overhearing parents positively interacting with their children.  I have written a few times about the poor interaction or complete lack of interaction that I often see between parents and children on the El, but today I have a very positive interaction story.

I was sitting on the el this morning at about 8:30am reading my book when I heard a little boy say, “I want a hot dog” to his father.  Here is how the interaction continued:

Dad: It’s a little too early for a hot dog.
Kid: I want a hot dog.
Dad:  Sorry, it’s not time for a hot dog.
Kid: I want a hot dog.
Dad: Well, I’m sure people on the el would like some ice water.
Kid: I want some ice water.
Dad: (laughing) ahh, thought so.
Kid: Dad, I want a hot dog.
Dad: You just ate a big bowl of oatmeal, how could you possibly be hungry?
Kid: I want a hot dog.
Dad: You just ate
Kid: I not ate
Dad: You just ate a big bowl of oatmeal
Kid: I not ate (8), I’m two!
Dad: (laughing) yes you are right, you are two.
Kid: I’m not two
Dad: Oh boy, I’m not arguing this with you.

This was probably a five minute kid version of Who’s on Second, but it was hilarious and the entire time the dad was patient and enjoying his time with his 2 year old son.  Never once was the little boy wining or the father responding impatiently or shortly, just a simple, calm conversation between parent and child. Clearly this interaction wasn’t particularly educational or full of any kind of complicated phrases (although the word “ate” was complicated for the 2 year old to understand).  But this interaction was a wonderful, and adorable, example of the simple ways parents can interact with their children.  Both parent and child enjoyed the interaction and it made the train ride faster for everyone else.

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  1. caragh

    Soo sweet! I love stories like this! I was flying back from Toronto yesterday and a little boy in the row in front of me started having a meltdown crying and asking his mom at least 1 billion times if we were there yet and saying that he wanted to get off the plane. Of course, I thought the whole thing was adorable b/c he would ask “are we there yet?” two seconds after she just told him not yet. Anyway, a sweet woman across the aisle just started talking to him asking him questions about his shoes and a book he had with him (Curious George) and his mom and dad and where he lived and if he had a dog and if he likes dogs and told him how her son didn’t like dogs until he was 12, etc. and totally distracted the little boy. As soon as he would start to cry she would ask him a question and he would stop crying and answer her and tell her about the story or his family or his favorite disney character and why. I thought it was the sweetest interaction and we landed and he was totally fine and calm.

    Not a parent interaction, but a sweet one that I loved witnessing nonetheless.

    Love your blog!! 😉

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